This is the story of Rapha Foods. Rapha Foods was born out of a passion of bringing healthy food to the table for all at affordable prices. The problem of adulteration bothered the founders and out of this desire to eat healthy foods, Rapha Foods was birthed. 

Rapha Foods was Registered.  We are a customer-centric, employee-owned company that has been built on the foundation of strong family values. Our mission is to serve our customers with innovative solutions and superior performance. We offer the tools and service necessary for our customers to succeed. The goal was to establish a food Company whose products are sought after throughout world without any adulteration. Be the leaders in unadulterated food products and connecting the farmers to the customers creating a beneficial relationship between farmers and consumers. Rapha Foods mission is to create world class natural food products without any harmful ingredient and cater to the well being of human kind.

Rapha Foods starts connecting with small farmers in the area and bringing the community together. Rapha Foods strives makes to make the world a better place. Our vision is to transform lives by providing healthy food, a livelihood and enhancing the quality of living.

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